Movie making at our museum

June 2024 another student used our museum as the background for a school movie project and used three of our buildings. These being Okey House, the Nerang Railway Station and our Slab Hut.

August 6th we had a student making a film as an assignment for a school project.

January 13th 2023, Sandra from ‘Yesterday Stories’ came down to shoot a promotional documentary on our museum.

May 29th 2022, another long night of filming for the "Code Noir" movie, it will be interesting to see our museum in many of the movie scenes and see some of the cast that we meet during the movie shooting.

March 25th 2022, photos here show Lee and his crew setting up the old Nerang Railway Station for the final shooting of their feature film "Code Noir", this was to take two days and nights of filming.

On February 25th 2022, Lee and his crew returned after 12 months for some more scenes for the movie started last year.

August 27th 2021, Slab Hut set up for an all night movie shoot, the third time the Hut has been used in the past 18 months.

April 24th 2021, so much work to do before filming can start and it was all hands on deck, all went well in the end.

On the 30th March 2021, the cast and crew who will be making a movie some time in April came down to our museum to have a look around to see what they will need for this movie.


On the 1st March 2020, a small group of actors and film makers used our Slab Hut to film a short film in regard to life in the colonial days in Moreton Bay around 1832. The making of the film took almost a full day and we were lucky in that they allowed us take a few pictures of them while they were filming.

This short film is titled "A Godless Country" and has obtained 27 wins and 13 nominations in international film competitions. Below are some pictures from the movie and a small GIF image of some of the action.