Okey House's site and old pictures

Okey House was originally located on the corner of - Gold Coast Springbrook Road (Franklin Drive), and McLachlan Ave on the south west corner which is now a grass area.

Pictures and map from Google Maps.

Okey Farm is a small dairy farm on the outskirts of Mudgeeraba. This was
previously the site of the Mudgeeraba Hotel built around 1884 by William Laver. It
later became the Hampshire Terrace Hotel. The early township of Mudgeeraba developed
around the hotel until the arrival of the railway in 1903 when the town shifted to
the railway station and its current location. The property has remained associated
with the Laver and Franklin families throughout most of the 20th century. The
property has not been used as a dairy farm for the last 20 years. (Information taken
from: Oakey Farm, Mudgeeraba Archival Record manuscript file LHM 5945).

Images and text from City of Gold Coast Libraries Local Studies Collection.

The above pictures show Okey house in its original position and were taken in June 2003