The former Nerang Railway Station now consists of four rooms and an open luggage area; these rooms are now used to show items of interest in regard to Gold Coast history. The pictures below show some of the historical items that are on display in each of the room and the former use of the rooms, rooms start from left to right.

The first room is our camera room showing cameras from the very early years of photography up to and including the latest digital cameras. This room was originally divided into two rooms, at the rear a small WC for use by ladies in the next door Ladies waiting room, a door can be seen at the rear. The front area was used as a railway store room for use by the railway staff.

The next room to the right houses items from the earliest school days of the Gold Coast and you can see how the class room has changed. This room was originally the Ladies only waiting room and if you look at the rear left side you will see the old door to the WC.

More pictures coming soon as this area changes.

The next open area is being prepared for a new railway display

More pictures coming soon as the displays change.

Part of the new railway station room display which is being worked on,some big changes and a lot of new displays are being added to both this room and the platform.

The last room, the saddle room displays military uniforms, military saddle equipment and much more. As this room was part of a very large third room, it originally did not have a door in the right hand side. Originally a window was in the position that the door is now, also there was no window in the end side, and these alterations would have been added while the station was used by the council.