School Booking Sheet
We offer free entry for teachers, bus driver and additional carers as per the following ratios:

            Complete the form to request a school booking with the museum. 
A slice of damper and a drink are provided for a snack, (subject to Covid restrictions).
The cost of the excursion is $5 per student and shade and seating is provided if students wish to eat their lunch at the museum.
We ask that you divide the students into groups of no more than 10 with an adult helper to tour the museum.
Our volunteers will tell their own stories and show children how many of the items on display were used by their pioneering families. We suggest that time at the museum be 9-9.15am to 12.00-12.30pm. Rotations are approximately 15 minutes per station so a group of 60 children would need to allow 6 rotations x 15 minutes plus a ½ hour break in middle.

Click here to download printable application form.